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Creativity and experimentation bringing together textile arts, porcelain and new technologies

Atualizado: 31 de out. de 2022

The European craft sector combines tradition, heritage, culture, craftsmanship, and design. Crafts cover a wide range of disciplines that reflect the diversity of European cultural identity. This knowledge carries cultural values ​​that cross generations, transmitted from parents to children and continually manage-your-blog-from-your-live-siteadapting/renewing. Tressa is a wall lamp that brings together, through an experimental and creative process, two artisanal techniques – textile arts and ceramics – with design and the new technologies of digital fabrication.

Creative and experimental process

Tressa is the creation of a multidisciplinary team composed of Adriana Fernandes (Designer, artisan apprentice, specialist in textile techniques), Pedro Aguiar (Architect, specialist in porcelain), and Daniel Leal (Designer, specialist in digital fabrication). It was developed during the IAtelier creative residency project.

The experimental process started brainstorming the boundaries of each universe and ways to cross them. The main challenge was to transpose the suavity of sheep's wool in its purest form to a translucent porcelain piece. It became a lamp when lit from behind with an LED light source, decorative and functional.

The experiments included tests with various materials and textile techniques, such as crocheting, knitting, and hand weaving. They gave rise to a model in a pre-defined geometric shape that could give rise to a modular function.

The model was then waterproofed and transferred to a plaster mold, which allowed its reproduction in porcelain and made it possible to produce small series. Up to this stage, the process was entirely supported by traditional knowledge from the textile and ceramic worlds.

This is where technology comes into play. Digital prototyping, laser cutting, and other technologies were used to develop the structure e applying the light source. It seals the perfect marriage between tradition and modernity.


Tressa is a decorative wall lamp that produces an elegant and cozy light with a design that harnesses technology to highlight the beauty of handmade. It brings the ancestral techniques of hand weaving and ceramic modeling closer to design's reality of innovation and digital prototyping.

It consists of two parts, a light diffuser made of translucent porcelain and a metal body with a white paint finish. It provides a pleasant light and warm color temperature to compose a relaxing environment. Its format allows the individual application or modular compositions according to the project's needs.

Tressa celebrates the approximation between two discontinuous realities. Digital techniques are, for craftsmanship, a new and potent path of realization. They cannot define it because the potency and poetry of its composition are the artisan's heart, worldview, and way of expressing himself. But when approaching, they can transform each other. Technology brings new forms of expression to craftsmanship, and craftsmanship, in turn, can reconnect technology to its humanity, to the forgotten poetry of which it is capable.”

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